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👨‍⚕️ As of December 29, 2022, Dr. McKibbin will be retiring from private practice. Thank you for entrusting us with your care for the past 16 years.🩺

At Augusta Surgery, we are dedicated to providing you and your family with excellent surgical care close to home. 

Patient care is our top priority.

Dr. McKibbin is dedicated to providing options for his patients.  He has privileges at the following locations:

If you have a high deductible health insurance plan, are a self  pay patient or have co-insurance, Dr. McKibbin can save you money by performing your procedure at the Monticello Community Surgery Center located at 2331 Seminole Lane, Charlottesville, VA. 

 Call us for transparent pricing details at 540-332-5909  

Dr. Blake McKibbin has been awarded first place for Best Bedside Manner in General Surgery for the Shenandoah Valley and Charlottesville for many consecutive years. Dr. McKibbin has also been named as Best Doctor and Top Surgeon in our area.


"As a physician myself, I would only trust Dr. McKibbin for my surgical needs! Up to date and intelligent with great surgical skill." -- Patient Feedback via Facebook Page

"Dr. Blake was more than attentive to my personal needs as well as my upcoming surgical needs.  He even gave up a portion of his planned vacation where he would not have cell phone service to be able to receive and schedule my pending surgery.  I will always be forever grateful to his timely response and feel that it along with God’s mercy have awarded me the outcome that I am thankful for today.  What other doctor could you have gotten an appointment the very next day and scheduled surgery to get that mess out of you within two weeks!" -- Patient Review

"Today marks 6 months since I had my surgery and I couldn't be happier.  I have not had ANY problems nor have I  been sick one day since.  I can't believe  I suffered with cramping, pain, diarrhea and vomiting for so many years.  I have not had even 1 cramp .  It is just amazing to me.  I can eat anything I want and eat all of the yummy veggies I had to give up for so long.  Dr. McKibbin, I can't thank you enough and I am glad I did wait to have my surgery because I might have let someone else do it before and might not have had the same wonderful result.  My family and friends are pretty sick of hearing me tell them how good I feel.  I am one of your biggest fans and never miss the opportunity to tell someone that needs surgery to see you". -- Patient Feedback via e-mail

"This doctor is very thorough and cares about going to any length at doing a proper job and obtaining the right diagnosis. Highly recommended. Great personality and I noticed how well he treats the hospital staff". -- Patient Feedback via

"You can tell he cares deeply for his patients and for providing the best care possible".  -- Patient Feedback via

"Dr. McKibbin is the most FRIENDLY,  personable, caring, comforting and excellent surgeon.  He listens patiently to all your concerns and is never in a rush.  I highly recommend Dr.McKibbin". -- Patient review via

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